Monday, July 19, 2010

First Trimester Observations

This is obviously my first pregnancy. No one can prepare you completely for all the changes that begin to happen in your body. You can read all you want, get all the advice that you want. It's totally different when it's YOUR body. I am sure the next 6 months I'll have plenty more to say on this, but here are some things I've observed in the past 3 months.

But, first, go to these blog posts: this woman explains things SO much better- I laughed until in tears!
Crazy Peeing Pregnant Lady
Survival of the Species

Observation #1: Not knowing how to feel when you take the test and find out it's POSITIVE. You never really expect it to be- especially the first one you've taken in your life. I think I faked being excited because that's what I knew I was supposed to be feeling. But really, I was like a deer caught in headlights. Nervous laughter from both of us ensued.
That was closely followed by Observation #2: the sinking feeling that there's "no turning back now". Our lives have changed forever. Deal with it.
Observation #3: The stereotypical reaction to your husband when you're sick/in pain is totally true. Glare, stare with squinted eyes angrily at him, and mutter "you did this to me." This often will result in ice cream runs at 11pm.
Observation #4: Scared enough to pee my pants "I am going to be a terrible mother. What was I thinking? What am I doing?!" in one moment, and then immediately crying as you think about holding that newborn in your arms while sighing, "I can't wait."
Observation #5: That entire blog post about peeing (linked above)? Every. Word. True. My theory: Preparation for all the midnight feedings. It's like the kid is already warning you, "get used to this mom."
Observation #6: I never thought I would fear leaving the house simply because I don't want to puke in public.
Observation #7: Speaking of puking, I also never though it was possible to puke so quickly after eating. Digestion is a thing of the past.
Observation #8: It is hard for me to have a conversation without bringing up the subjects of either peeing or puking. I suppose that won't be too far from the truth for when the baby is here, too.
Observation #9: Due to the aforementioned fear of puking, I now also fear eating.
Observation #10: Food has become my life. Either thinking about food I'm craving, or food I despise, or "I wonder if I can eat now without puking", or thinking about what food I'll eat tomorrow. It is pathetic how often food crosses my mind.
Observation #11: morning sickness is such a stupid name. Way too tame. And it's not just mornings.
Observation #12: I have never used the term "Feeling like a slug" until last week.
Observation #13: I now feel like that pregnant woman that just complains all the time. I'm a wuss.
Observation #14: At least I can take all the sick days I want... that, too, will change soon.
Observation #15: 'Morning sickness' is about 75% mental. I have had to learn habits to 'trick' myself into not getting sick. Sometimes it is very literally a race to the refrigerator to eat or drink something really quickly (even just one bite/sip helps) before my brain catches up to the rest of me and decides I don't feel good. "Deep breath, take a drink, close eyes. Yay, I didn't throw up!"
Observation #16: It's the little victories. Doing laundry, dishes, or making the bed is a huge deal. Leaving the house and coming back without throwing up is like coming home a war hero.

There's more, but I'll stop there for now :)

the world now knows...

As most of you are aware by now, we are expecting our first child! As of today, we are 14 weeks (see pic on right) along in the journey: baby Tack is now the size of a lemon :)
The reason we waited 'til now to share the news was because originally we had planned to announce it in person to our parents... but due to several reasons, those plans fell through. So we did it the old-fashioned way: 3-way conference calling via Skype. Yep, we shared the excitement while Jonathan was in Ecuador and Charisma was home in Virginia; to our families in Ohio and Illinois! God bless technology!

Jonathan is now on his way home after 5 weeks in South America. Charisma is tracking his flights on to check his progress as we speak, eagerly awaiting to see that little plane show up flying somewhere over Texas once it enters US airspace.
Five weeks and two days is the current standing longest separation we have had since engagement, and although it is certainly difficult, we remind ourselves that there is always another couple facing a bigger challenge, and we are blessed with the job Jonathan has to provide for our growing family. God never gives us more than we can handle.
Some have said to us, "I don't know how you manage being apart for so long. I can't hardly go one night without my spouse," And to them, our challenge seems enormous (and it's easy to feel that way too!). But then we say to them, "five weeks is nothing compared to the military families who go weeks without even communicating with each other, and months-sometimes years-before seeing each other." At least we usually have internet and Skype, and/or phone every day, and our time apart is measured in merely days or weeks. We have much to be thankful for!

Once Jonathan returns home, we'll spend the week here in Virginia. This will be Jonathan's first time in our new apartment, since we moved across town while he was out of the country! We are very much looking forward to the reunion and time together again.

And then the travel bug bites again...

  • NORTH CAROLINA Next week, we're off on yet another round of office work in Winston-Salem, NC. The plan is to be there about 2 weeks.
  • ALASKA Then, once finished there, we'll hop back home for a whirlwind of packing and seeing friends before we leave for Alaska! August 23-September 1st we will be teaming up with Kingdom Air Corp, which is about 75 miles NE of Anchorage, to help out on the ranch with whatever needs they may have. KAC's purpose is for training aviation students in missionary and bush country environments. Jonathan spent several summers at this ranch for flight instructing.
  • OHIO But wait! The fun doesn't end there! Upon returning from our trip to Alaska, we leave immediately from the DC airport and drive up to Ohio for Labor Day weekend. Our wonderful friend, Emily Jackson, is getting hitched to Aaron Lehman! Charisma is helping with their photography, and Jonathan's going to play the piano. What a priviledge to be a part of their day! We'll end the Ohio trip with some family time, and perhaps a baby shower if we can work it in :)

Then, we'll come home, pass out, and pray for no emails or phone calls from Dynamic for at least a week before they try to steal Jonathan away again on another trip ;)