Monday, December 6, 2010

things I never thought about before motherhood

There are things I never noticed before becoming a mother. Things that have made me say, "ah, now I understand/know why", and things that have made me say, "I never thought I'd be doing this" or "I just sounded like my mom". These are a few of those things:

1. Looking for sanitary wipes for your shopping cart
2. Worrying about loud music or what's on the television with children in the room
3. Worrying about children not wearing their coats or seem to be dressed warm enough outside
4. Freaking out when you see toddlers drinking soda and eating mcdonalds
5. How much time you can spend in the baby isle trying to choose a bottle or pacifier
6. Planning doctors and dentist appointments with the thought, "who will watch the baby?"
7. Planning any adult function or trip (bible study, going to visit friends, etc) with the thought, "who will watch the baby?"
8. How long you can stare at a baby as he sleeps without growing tired of his cuteness
9. How irresistible baby clothes can be
10. How hard it is to not buy that amazing toy or book that you know your child won't be able to use for another 5-10 years.
11. How comforting it is to hold your baby
12. Celebrating poop, toots, and burps
13. Discussing your child's future with your spouse: discipline, education, traditions, morals, etc.
14. Grieved at all the 'toys' that have so many lights and noises, it doesn't allow much room to really use imagination and creativity
15. Growing concern about road rage and defensive driving
16. Gravitating towards other mothers
17. Wanting to know more about my family history
18. Being overprotective
19. Tawking wike dis because evwything sounds cutew wike dis, why yes it does!
20. Sleep is a precious commodity

...and this is before Judah's even home with us! I'm sure my list will multiply greatly in the coming months :)

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  1. Love this. So true. And it is just the beginning. Over the last 6 months so many things have happened that made me think, wow, i never thought i would do/say/think that.

    Sleep is lovely lovely lovely. I recently slept all the way throught the night. First time in almost 3 years. oh yeah!