Monday, May 19, 2014

a prayer for our daughter

I'm sorry for the lack of writing over the past year. Having two kids and moving across the country I suppose is enough excuse for not blogging... I'm lucky to get a shower in, let alone sit down and write or journal!

The reason for this entry is to ask for prayer and give an update on what news is happening in the Tack Family.

No, I'm not pregnant, for those who I'm sure are curious ;)

I added Brielle's birth story to our blog today, to remind myself of how BIG our God really is, and how He remained in control of every detail of my pregnancy and delivery last Christmas 2012.

Just because Brielle is now outside the womb, does not mean He is any less concerned about the details of our lives and how He cares for His precious creation, specifically, our daughter.

We adore Brielle! She is a precious gift from God. She lights up our life with her sweet smiles and bright demeanor, and occasional spunky attitude.

Brielle has shown exceptional health, with no major concerns from day one, aside from typical colic, sniffles, and teething, etc.
However, we started noticing around 9-12 months that she failed to reach significant developmental milestones as she grew. She mastered rolling over, got her first teeth, etc. at six months... but then didn't seem interested in continuing on from there. At first, we assumed she was just slow or lazy (and with our experiences with Judah, we didn't want to overreact, so we gave her time), but after a while, red flags started to go up that there was something else amiss. No sitting up, pulling up, crawling, talking, walking, etc.

Brielle is now almost 17 months old, and severely behind in many areas developmentally. She lands on the chart at about an 8-10 month level in most areas, and is considered "severely globally developmentally delayed" for "unknown reasons". She is also fairly small, weighing about 18lbs. But that's not necessarily a concern, seeing as we are small people too. This was quite the shock to us, however, seeing as how everything went picture-perfect with her birth (full term and natural) and no major illnesses to speak of. Of course, with her brother being so premature, we expected delays from him. He spent 3 years in physical and speech therapy before he was fairly "caught up". (Now we can't stop him!). But no indication that Brielle would seem to have similar issues! I always imagined she would be quick to reach milestones, in effort to keep up with her brother.

We have seen numerous doctors and currently have her enrolled with physical therapy (and speech & occupational therapy will come soon too). We also are in process of seeing a developmental pediatric neurologist. Yet, so far no doctors have given her a specific diagnosis as to WHY she has so many delays. However, the good news is, every doctor has assured us that they see no signs of major intellectual disabilities, such as retardation, downs syndrome, autism, etc. We are hoping to avoid any expensive testing that could very well be inconclusive, and that the answers will be clear and easily-resolved.

She is still happy and healthy, bright and content, and we just love her to pieces. We are doing all we can to encourage her in her development, and praying that God will continue to direct her path and give us the wisdom to help her grow and thrive. We know He has a perfect plan, and that He cares for her immensely more than we ever could. Please pray with us as we walk down this road with our daughter!


  1. praying!


  2. As I lift Brielle up in prayer as well as the entire family we know the plan he has already layed out for us. I ask for peace and comfort and lots of joy to continue to fill the house. God is good and blessings from Marcia & Tim LaRue