Wednesday, July 30, 2014

our drummer boy

I just watched Judah's "Judah's First Year" video from his time in the NICU and his progress at home. It was the first time in a long while I had watched it, and, after crying like the blubbery hormonal mother I am, was humbled at how gracious our God has been to our son these 3.5 years he has been in our family! He went from a tiny one pound squishy micro-preemie, to a growing infant who had a lot of catching up to do, to the boy he is now that doesn't even show a hint of "preemie" in him, either by physical attributes, health, or development.

Judah is now a spunky, bright, energetic little guy who loves people, has a sweet and sensitive demeanor, and just a hint of mischief! One moment he turns to me at dinner and says "thank you for making dinner mommy" (oh melt my heart!), and the next moment he's flinging potatoes with his spoon. Love that kid so (drives me crazy too!).

One thing we noticed maybe about a year ago, is his growing musical inclinations. Well, inclination might be a grand understatement. It is in his blood. I am not calling him a prodigy child by any means, but this kid has rhythm. It's in his soul, he has to be tapping, beating, beat-boxing with his mouth, wiggling and dancing, or drumming on whatever he has in front of him (drums, table, floor, himself, other people), at all times. It is physically difficult for him to stop and sit still for more than a few moments!

I may be investing in ear plugs before long...

Here's a fun little video I took about a month ago that cracks me up. Most of the time, he either sings worship songs he hears on the radio, or makes up his own words and "ewok language" to sing along while drumming (like the last part of the video)... but this time he made up a legit song about monkeys. ;)

If you need interpretation: "We go to zoo, we see monkeys, and ooooh hah hah hah, and a diggabow!"

Thankful to Jesus that I'm this boys mother! :D

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