Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Jonathan's first post

This will be short. I just wanted to make an appearance here to start up some writing inertia. A year has gone by since my last blog entry, and just as much time has elapsed since i've written a respectable letter to anyone outside my wife. Writing is not an abandoned art for me, for i still write by hand in my journal often.
So here i am, composing words which i now can expect for my own children to read one day. that's a fascinating thought to ponder.
There was a season in life when the creative stream was frozen in my heart, but not any more. Now, every morning God reveals to me a microcosm of Himself in His Word and in prayer. If i wrote a paragraph of each one i would have written a couple hundred pages over the last three years. Alas, i cannot dig from the past in that great of detail. And i have not closed the net of paper and ink over all the last months' revelations.
One idea remains that relevant to the title of this blog.
I sometimes mentally trace back major events of my life to the first day that climax was begun. What I have discovered in my secret analyses is that each event in my life is a consequence of something from before. Whether a new attitude that exhibits itself seemingly spontaneously something as tangible as a piano piece i perform, everything has a cause. As i wonder at the future my child might have, i am beckoned to appreciate this truth I learned. Everything I do in my child's life is a cause to something, and who he or she becomes is the sum of all the causes which befall him. For the first 10 years, the chief of these causes will be his parents.
So i feel ready to take on fatherhood seriously. As God my Father knows my days for all eternity, so i am obligated to trajectory the days of my children as I prepare to hand them off to their Heavenly Father.
That's my thought i take from this week
So God, help with with that.


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